i'm busy with my school project so that's why i don't post that often but i'll let you join it!
here are a few of the pictures which inspires me. at the moment i've about 80 pictures, to succeed my project i need at least 150 so i need to found some more but i can't find any good ones! maybe one of you guys can help me out with a good website or photo?


winter wonderland

i finally bought a new winter jacket today from woolrich. it has this really nice (night)blue color, i'll show you guys some pictures later. i'm ready for a white christmas!

(1,5 week and i will be walking in paris with my love <3)




Crazy night in the Gspot! I was the only one who was sober because I had to babysit first. Yara texted me that everybody was there and it was so much fun. So when I was ready I drove as fast as I could to hilversum to surprise them!


Shopping in Brussels

Last week I went to Brussels with my love. After our 92475 hour shopping tour we went for a hot chocolat and later on for a lovely dinner. When we went to the hotel after dinner the stores were still open, so we could spend even more money!

  1. me and my baby
  2. some culture
  3. Jeff with his new levi jeans and H&M blazer 
  4. S. and J.

My first post

Hi guys!

This is my first post so I don't really know what to write. I really love fashion. I'm studying fashion and management at AMFI, I'm in my first year. The last 6 months was hard working but i don't mind because now i'm busy with my biggest passion 24/7. 

I'll show you some things of what i've been working on lately:

you'll see me at 4.50 in jennifers design and at 3.40 you'll see jennifer in my design.  

  1. finally ready!
  2. J. and S. in our designs
  3. J. in my design (which i got a 7 for)
  4. my AMFI friends and me after the show
  5. after hard work, eating sushi at SUMO amsterdam