Hi Guys,
I'm so sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've been so busy working in a collectionplan, businessplan and a shopplan with my group, there was no time left for updates om my blog!
At this moment i'm on my way to school for the finishing touch because tomorrow is the deadline. I'll post some photo's of the result soon.



This is what I would like to wear the 24th of december. I´d spice it up with some golden accesoires and a matte black nailpolish. Ready to unpack all of the gifts!



It's already a while ago when I bought this baby from Helmut Lang because I forget to post about it but still it's worth posting after all this time. About 2 months ago I got a message from SPRMRKT that they were having a huuuuge sale with everything from €5 to €100. Ofcourse I went there with al my savings to spend but I couldn't find anything worth buying. Upstairs there was also a sale area, but the €5 -€100 didn't count there. That's where I ound this beauty. I fell in love immedeately. You see, fact is that I love fur, I love grey and I'm always cold. So mr. Lang made this jacket for me. But OMG then I saw the price, which I actually don't want to talk about because it still hurts deep inside. Eventually, to make a long story short, I took it home with me and I'm still in love with it.

If you guys also want to take a look at the outlet from SPRMRKT, then go to SPR SPECIALS at nieuwezijdsvoorburgwal 262 in Amsterdam. At the moment they also have a sale in there store on the rozengracht so take a look there as well and let me know I you bought anything!



source: found at a la mode's blog

source: powerpoint from AMFI - tbb culture part four



This is the store plan I´ve made for our brand BRISK Denim. It has to be a kind of underground yet modern. The store also has to fit with our target group and the cradle to cradle concept. Luckily the teacher has approved the plan!

sources: wgsn.com, BLEND


                                              source: LOVE magazine.



Lately, I'm thinking more and more about getting a tattoo. I'm thinking about getting one for several years now but this time it's serious. The only things is, I'm scared that when I get older, I'm still stuck with it. Which is the big deal about a tattoo.. However, I've found some inspiration pictures on weheartit.com which I wanted to share with you guys.



I bought this shirt last week at a sample sale at school from their own brand, AMFI INDIVIDUALS. The actual price was €190 but I got it for only €20! The lucky bastard I am.

COOLHUNTEN | amsterdam

I've found the left man in a second hand shop in Amsterdam at nieuwmarkt. He fits perfectly in the concept of our new jeans brand, BRISK Denim. Our brandvalues are pure nature, dynamic, urban, quality. This goes with an urban, underground look but still has to be modern. So this man is a great catch! He has this kind of underground look and he's just himself. Looking at him makes me happy because this man doesn't follow fashion like the most of us do, but still he's in fashion. The two men on the right I found at a shop also at nieuwmarkt. I can't remeber the name anymore but I do remember that there were hanging pinguins on the sealing.. craaaazy shit, i know. They're both have the underground, urban look which I was looking for and they fit in the total picture of our brand.



I´m so busy with school lately, I´ve hardly any time for my friends, blog or just to do things for myself like going to the hairdresser or to the gym. I´m get completely stressed out when I look at my scedule and see what I have to do these two months. I´m in a group with 4 other AMFI students and we have to make a business plan for our own brand, BRISK Denim. We also have to make a shopplan, collection plan, two jeans, two knitted tops, a sample and a samplefile and sooooo much more. Understand why I´m stressed? This is just one project of many.. We also have to learn 600 pages for our fashion exam on december 14th and I'm still stuck on page 30. Oh, and we also have to make two fabric portofolio's. But hey, that was all. OH MY GOD. Even by writing this I get freaked out because I'm losing precious time. So guys, I'm sorry if I don't update that much. I'm very very very busy with my lovely school. I promise you that I'll make pictures of what I've made and I will keep you updated of my inspiration. This time is not only about fashion, but also about sustainability, store interiors and more. Everything what I'm working on at the moment. For the time being, I updated one of my favorite songs. Your body is a wonderland by John Mayer. Sometimes I pretend it's me for who he's singing for in the clip but after the song is finished I have to get back to reality.. my books. Enjoy listening and talk to ya'll later!  XOXO