JON & YAN | for sale

JON & YAN is a Scandinavian fashion brand. Our head office is situated outside Stockholm in Sweden. The JON & YAN concept is based on the Style, Personality, Innovation and Quality at an attractive price.

At this moment I'm introducing this brand in the Netherlands. For you guys I've made some pictures of the objects which I think are the most beautiful ones. 

              Real leather bracelets available in 19,5 and 21,5 cm only in black leather. The bracelets are €30 per piece. 

 Beautiful hand made opal stone bracelet available in black, pink and a mix of red/white/pink/coral. The bracelets are € 15 per piece.

Beautiful hand made onyx stone with dubble plated silver heart, available in black and purple/transparent onyx stones. The necklace are € 12,50 per piece.

Beautiful hand made black and silver beads with opal stones also available in blue for € 15 per piece. 
I have so much more to show you but so little space! If you like what you've seen so far, you can take a look at this website for more pictures. Don't hasitate to ask any questions, I'll be happy to awnser them!


Fashion from Copenhagen | Margit Brandt

       The soft grey suede skirt on the left picture is my latest purchase which I bought in Faro (portugal) at Victor Victoria.

Margit Brandt introduced her first collection under the label B-age at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair in 1965. The design was unprecedentedly short and close-fitted and very different from what other designers were presenting. Nevertheless, the collection immediately grabbed the consumers’ interest; especially of the otherwise neglected age group between teenagers and ladies. Thus, B-age became the reference point of fashion for a whole generation of young women in Scandinavia.

In 2005, the brand Margit Brandt was re-launched. Encouraged by repeated requests from previous customers and representatives from the fashion elite, Margit and Erik Brandt decided to enter the global market again; now with the new generation, their daughter Julie Brandt Dam, as Creative Director for Margit Brandt design, and in business cooperation with Metropol. The Margit Brandt brand has been reinvented and modernized in order to face the demand of the new generation of fashion consumers. Without losing sight of her trendsetting details of the 1960s to the 1980s, Margit Brandt has created a brand that reflects the future of fashion.  

The designs are innovative yet timeless with a feminine elegance. With respect for the contemporary, Margit Brandt still has the ability to add that special detail and characteristic touch that reflects the brands prime times, while at the same time stays true to the innovative spirit. By infusing new materials, colours and styles with the original trendsetting designs, she has created a synergy of styles that is unmistakably Margit Brandt. The result is a unique fashion fusion of nostalgic retro with an innovative and contemporary spark. It is Margit Brandt reinvented. Margit Brandts re-entry into the fashion scene received immediate attention and recognition in her home market, Denmark. 

 Today, Margit Brandt Design is again a global brand with a strong and increasing presence in the women’s fashion market. Margit Brandt is an international brand in demand and is experiencing a continuous strong growth during 2010. Margit Brandt is currently sold throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Margit Brandt is also represented with a lingerie line; a lounge wear line; a swim wear line as well as a home interior collection.  


holiday impressions/ portugal

scotch and soda

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, I just came back from a 3 week vacation in Portugal! I still had this photo from the scotch and soda fashion show (in the first week of july) which I wanted to share with you to give an impression of the summer collection of 2012. I saw a lot of glitter mixed with boyish shirts and also a lot of chino's. Can't wait untill these clothes are available in the stores!


the modern minimalist | BLEND

I'm a big fan of the magazine BLEND. This issue is all about modern minimalisn. Whereas Minimalism originally started out as an art movement in the 1960s and continued as a general design esthetic in the 20th century, today’s minimalism represents so much more. It is about reducing certain aspects of life to their essence, like art, fashion, design and food. Where does this longing for minimalisn come from? Read it in BLEND.

source: BLEND website

Design by Error | BLEND

For his new project, ‘Err’, artist Jeremy Hutchison  contacted various factories around the world, and asked if one of their workers would produce an ‘incorrect’ version of the product they make every day: in doing so, the functional objects became artworks.
“I asked them to make me one of their products, but to make it with an error,” Hutchison explains. “I specified that this error should render the object dysfunctional. And rather than my choosing the error, I wanted the factory worker who made it to choose what error to make. Whatever this worker chose to do, I would accept and pay for.”

“‘Err’ is about creating deliberate miscommunication, forging a moment of poetry within a hyper-efficient system of digital exchange. It’s about an invisible global workforce, and their connection to the relentless regurgitation of stuff. It’s about Duchamp and the readymade, but updated to exist within the context of today’s globalised economy. It’s about the rub between art and design, the mass-produced and unique, the functional and the dysfunctional.”

source: BLEND website



Recently I bought this Ray Ban aviator ´cats´. I love Ray Bans, my other sunglasses is a vintage Ray Ban which I got from my mom and she got it from hers. But now it was time for a new one!

colorblocking at the den haag shoppingnight

watch the photo´s of the Den Haag shoppingnight here
a few of the pictures I took are also on the site!

Arnhem mode biennale

The 30th of june I went to the Arnhem mode biĆ«nnale with my friend Vera. I got wild by seeing so much fashion/ inspiration and also the location was really  nice. It was all about fashion, art, young designers and famous designers. Afterwards we did a citytour through Arnhem, those pictures I´ll you guys later. First some pictures I took from the exhibition!