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JON & YAN is a Scandinavian fashion brand. Our head office is situated outside Stockholm in Sweden. The JON & YAN concept is based on the Style, Personality, Innovation and Quality at an attractive price.

At this moment I'm introducing this brand in the Netherlands. For you guys I've made some pictures of the objects which I think are the most beautiful ones. 

              Real leather bracelets available in 19,5 and 21,5 cm only in black leather. The bracelets are €30 per piece. 

 Beautiful hand made opal stone bracelet available in black, pink and a mix of red/white/pink/coral. The bracelets are € 15 per piece.

Beautiful hand made onyx stone with dubble plated silver heart, available in black and purple/transparent onyx stones. The necklace are € 12,50 per piece.

Beautiful hand made black and silver beads with opal stones also available in blue for € 15 per piece. 
I have so much more to show you but so little space! If you like what you've seen so far, you can take a look at this website for more pictures. Don't hasitate to ask any questions, I'll be happy to awnser them!

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