COOLHUNTEN | amsterdam

I've found the left man in a second hand shop in Amsterdam at nieuwmarkt. He fits perfectly in the concept of our new jeans brand, BRISK Denim. Our brandvalues are pure nature, dynamic, urban, quality. This goes with an urban, underground look but still has to be modern. So this man is a great catch! He has this kind of underground look and he's just himself. Looking at him makes me happy because this man doesn't follow fashion like the most of us do, but still he's in fashion. The two men on the right I found at a shop also at nieuwmarkt. I can't remeber the name anymore but I do remember that there were hanging pinguins on the sealing.. craaaazy shit, i know. They're both have the underground, urban look which I was looking for and they fit in the total picture of our brand.

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