I´m so busy with school lately, I´ve hardly any time for my friends, blog or just to do things for myself like going to the hairdresser or to the gym. I´m get completely stressed out when I look at my scedule and see what I have to do these two months. I´m in a group with 4 other AMFI students and we have to make a business plan for our own brand, BRISK Denim. We also have to make a shopplan, collection plan, two jeans, two knitted tops, a sample and a samplefile and sooooo much more. Understand why I´m stressed? This is just one project of many.. We also have to learn 600 pages for our fashion exam on december 14th and I'm still stuck on page 30. Oh, and we also have to make two fabric portofolio's. But hey, that was all. OH MY GOD. Even by writing this I get freaked out because I'm losing precious time. So guys, I'm sorry if I don't update that much. I'm very very very busy with my lovely school. I promise you that I'll make pictures of what I've made and I will keep you updated of my inspiration. This time is not only about fashion, but also about sustainability, store interiors and more. Everything what I'm working on at the moment. For the time being, I updated one of my favorite songs. Your body is a wonderland by John Mayer. Sometimes I pretend it's me for who he's singing for in the clip but after the song is finished I have to get back to reality.. my books. Enjoy listening and talk to ya'll later!  XOXO

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  1. I am following you on bloglovin now :)
    I look forward to your future posts!

  2. Oh I remember doing all of this for my studies! Goodluck hun! I love this song, I haven't heard it for song long. Thanks for sharing, you have a new follower, would love if you followed back.xx


  3. thanks for the lovely reply girls! i´ll follow you back. xoxo