Finally! Amsterdam has been waiting and waiting for the arrival of Topshop, and now the time has come. On Friday June 10, we will be able to indulge ourselves with clothes, accessories, make up and shoes by this British fashion firm. As part of Topshop’s global collaborations with concept stores such as Colette Paris and Helsinki Ten, Topshop teamed up with Holland’s premier fashion store SPRMRKT
On display in the especially dedicated area, entrepreneur and SPRMRKT founder Nelleke Strijkers carefully selected premium pieces for the new Topshop-in-shop. The selection will feature dresses from the Dress Up Topshop range and luxurious designs with an edge from Topshop’s Unique and Boutique collections. Every month, new Topshop designs will arrive straight from the UK. For now, the collection at SPRMRKT focusses on women only, but SPRMRKT will be launching TOPMAN in the near future!


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  1. Hi! Ik had even een paar vraagjes dat ik aan jou wou stellen (over je opleiding). Kan je misschien je mail doorgeven? Dat gaat iets makkelijker ;-)

    X Cindy

  2. Ja tuurlijk! mijn mail is stephaniehenze@hotmail.com X