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Meet Moochi

Last Saturday I went shopping in the Haque with my bf. After buying a painting and some clothes we got lost and we ran into this really great shop: MoochShop. I got really enthusiastic by seeing so many beautiful things. I fell in love with the leather Atiga bags because of the shape and the material but there were so much other lovely things!

In the name of 'Moochi' Dani, the owner of the shop, designs beautiful things which makes her and others happy. Her designs makes me very happy! She's inspired by different cultures and her environment. I loved the fact that some wallets were inspired by her dad's. The whole feel of MoochShop is very surfer meets city. The designs are laidback basic but also very fashionable. For every occassion/ outfit there's a bag. I've made a wishlist because my birthday is really soon and I would love to have the camel Atiga bag and one of the leather wallets but I saw so much more which I really liked. You can find my favorite items at fashiolista.

If you like the items of Moochshop as much as I do, you can go to the website and take a look youself. Let me know which items are your favorites!

necklaces made of tires

the green clutch, also one of my favorites!

different models of bags, the atiga bag is the one with the zipper.

the atiga bag, my favorite <3

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