Sorry for the lack of updates lately. This week I've been busy with the Beyond Green Sustainability project for AMFI. We're participating on the makeatree.org and warmsweaterday.com competitions.My group got the assignment to make a tree out of mannequins. For the warm sweater day we designed a 'love sweater' which you can attach to your boyfriends so he can keep you warm and the heat can be turned off. In this way we can reduce 7% of CO2 emissions!

This week is all about sustainability, which is a very important subject of course but I can't always keep my concentration. Therefor we have the green bitch. She keeps an eye on all of the AMFI students, if they are all acting green. It's kinda like gossip girl. Really good to come through the 'sustainable' days. Go to the green bitch to read some sustainable gossip!

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